Walbro Universal 450lph In-Tank Fuel Pump High Pressure Version

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Walbro 450 Fuel Pump | Walbro F90000274


Walbro 450 Features

  • Fits most modern fuel tank baskets and hangers
  • Designed for engines with more than 500hp on E85
  • Award-winning OE technology

F90000274 Benefits

  • Fully compatible with E85 fuel!
  • High-pressure, high-flow performance for high-flow engines
  • Outperforms all current market in-tank fuel pumps and add-ons

Please Note: The Walbro 450 is not vehicle specific. Walbro engineers have ensured compatibility with a wide range of different applications and is therefore displayed on our site regardless of your vehicle selection. Please review the specifications and verify compatibility prior to placing your order. Requires modification to wiring, fuel lines and fuel module (Professional installation recommended)


Walbro 450LPH - TI Automotive TIA450-2 Fuel Pump

Walbro Part Number: F90000274 / 400-1168 Full Install Kit
Type: Universal E85 Intank Fuel Pump
Fuel: FLEX (E85 Ethanol Safe)
Horsepower: 750HP+
Flow Rate: 450LPH 
Operating Pressure: 35-112 PSI