G4X StormX ECU + Terminated LS Engine Harness Drive-by-Cable Bundle

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The quickest, easiest, tidiest and most cost effective way to connect a Link ECU to your Drive-by-Cable LS V8 engine. 

Bundle Includes:

*Notes for use with Gen 4 Engines

  • A cam sensor harness extension will be needed to accommodate the Gen 4 LS front mounted cam sensor.     
  • A small modification is required to the crank sensor connector. See “crank connector” section in installation manual for details.     
  • Injector Connector Adapters to USCar connector will be required for most Gen 4 Engines. Check your injector connector to confirm. Use Link PN 101-0287     
  • To support Gen 4 factory knock sensors you will require the Link LS Gen 4 Knock Adapter Loom (PN 101-0306)    
  • To support the factory Gen 4 MAP sensor you will require a Link LS Map Adapter Loom plus a Gen 3 to Gen 4 MAP sensor extension harness (alternatively you can use a Link MAP sensor which is directly supported by the harness)

PCLink MAP Files
Gen3 Cable Throttle Base Map for G4X XtremeX/StormX

Gen4 Cable Throttle Base Map for G4X XtremeX/StormX

Harness Manual

Online Instruction Manual