Chipped OBD1 VTEC ECU with Custom Base map

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Please include the following information when you place an order for your ecu.


AE-RACE chipped obd1 vtec ecu's will come completely overhauled with new oe spec electrolytic capacitors. professional board level repair/ rework is a passion of ours which we take great pride in. 

When you order an ecu please include the following

  • Engine
  • NA - Turbo
  • injector size 
  • map sensor being used
  • rev limit 
  • launch control
  • desired sensors you wish to eliminate 
  • adjustable launch control or set RPM (TPS based)
  • ignition cut rev limit / fuel cut rev limit
  • Transmission being used

Custom basemap settings:

  • Engine B, D, F or H series
  • Naturally aspirated / Forced induction
  • injector size
  • map sensor
  • Rev limit 
  • check engine shift light 
  • adjustable 2-step 
  • vtec cross over etc...


We have more than 15 years of professional tuning experience and have most likely tuned most all possible engine combinations. rest assure you will be guided to do what will yield the highest whp achievable with your setup.