Engine calibration

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Tuning services required to get your engine fired up and tuned to it's full potential safely.

This can be either an hourly job or flat rate depending on the circumstances. 


  • Typical Forced induction setup - $800
  • Most Naturally aspirated - $600
  • eTune service - $500
  • Hourly rates are $150 an hour


These rates are based on our clients using Link Ecu.

If you’re planning on doing pump gas and then doing a flex fuel/race gas tune, please let us know as that will be additional time added. The prices above are based off of pump gas tuning.

Our requirements for remote or on site tuning…

We highly advise a Link CAN Lambda controller, Bosch flat response knock sensor, Fuel pressure sensor and an Oil pressure sensor. All of these sensors are important as we will use these to not only monitor engine health but implement 3D table safety strategies in such cases of oil pressure drops at high load/engine speeds we will have an RPM limit based off of good oil pressure data. The following will be done with fuel pressure, LAMBDA feedback, knock threshold tables, MAP limit, General RPM limit(ECT dependent), Coolant pressure and even Crankcase pressure. 

An adequate fuel system is a must. Know your intended power goals and build your fuel system based off of this. 
12-14 awg wiring will be suitable for most after market fuel pumps. If you need any advice or have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to: Tuning(at)AE-RACE.com


We offer both remote and on-site Dyno tuning services.