Custom Base Maps - Link Emtron Motec

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You've fitted your new ecu and wiring harness and are ready to start your engine.

Here we will create you a custom base map for your new Link ecu.

If you have another EMS simply mention that in the note box and we will accommodate for that system.

Things we need to know from YOU.

  • Engine 
  • Injectors
  • map sensor 
  • wideband being used
  • fuel being used (petrol, blend ethanol etc...)
  • list of sensors and there respective allocation to the ecu pins
  • cam / crank sensors being used.
  • Ignition coils (we can recommend if you haven't purchased yet).
  • Drive by wire throttle body if fitted

These are the most basic items we need in order to make you a custom file to get your engine fired up and able to be tuned.


If any questions please send us an e-mail