Planning your build!

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Link ECU Tuners are experts in horsepower.

They sell, install and tune Link ECUs to unleash the maximum potential of your engine.
Though some Link Dealers sell product online, we advise making personal contact with a Dealer via phone, message, or email, to help ensure you get the correct engine management package for your vehicle.

A Tuner will want to know:

-The exact model of your car (have the engine code & chassis number handy)  

-If you have transplanted the engine  

-What gearbox it has  

-What fuel it uses 

-Modifications done to the car (including turbo changes 

-The condition of the current wiring and sensors. Have a quick look over them for any corrosion.  

-Photos. If you are after a PlugIn ECU, we highly recommend taking a photo of your existing ECU (showing the header plugs) and any wiring you can see. This will ensure the Tuner knows exactly which PlugIn will match your vehicle, plus they will be aware of the condition the ECU is currently in.

Reasons to see a Tuner include:  

-Installing your Link ECU & getting the first tune
- You have just modified your engine.
- Your car is running poorly or using excess fuel.
- Detonation
- Difficulty starting the vehicle or lack of power.
- If you need performance work done.

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✔️ Do’s:  

-Ask for a breakdown of the costs (parts, wiring and tuning) 

-Take your car to the Dealer for a ‘lookover’  

-Ask your Dealer for the packaging, owner’s manual and stickers that come with every Link ECU once they are finished   

-Keep your proof of purchase from the Dealer for warranty purposes (All Link ECUs come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty) 

❌ Don’ts:  

-Expect the job to happen overnight  

-Leave the car with a Tuner knowing it has other mechanical issues that will prevent a successful dyno tune  

-Expect the Tuner to fix these mechanical issues  


What to expect from a Dealer: 

A quote for the parts for your engine management package (ECU, wiring, accessories and more) 

A quote for the wiring and installation costs  

A quote for the final tune  

A timeline regarding how long parts, installation and tuning will take  

Technical support if needed